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What Snack to Give Your Dog?

You might have just got a dog and if you are a first time dog owner, there is a lot that you are going to have to learn on how to care of your dog well. If you do not know what dogs eat or what you should feed them or how much food to give every day, you can talk to your vet about that. You can also find many people who do have experience with taking care of dogs so you can talk to them and they will give you good advice on how you can care for your own pooch. Once you are doing okay with the feeding of your dog for their meals, you might want to know what treats are good for them. If you are wondering if dogs can eat fruits, stick around to find out what fruit to give them.

You might be wondering if giving watermelon to your dogs is a safe thing to do and it is safe indeed. While a dog will not usually eat sweets, giving watermelon to your dog for their treats will not affect their glycemic index a whole lot. You can give watermelon to your dog as this fruit is high of vitamins and good minerals for their bodies. You might have seen those dog owners feeding their dogs with watermelon as treats and that is great. Watermelon does have sucrose but it does not really affect your dog’s glycemic index. If you are wondering what sort of vitamins can be found in watermelon, vitamin and A vitamin B are just some of the vitamins that can be found in this really delicious fruit. Vitamin A can help your dog with their growth as well as healthy eyes and good skin and coat. You can start giving watermelon to your dogs as treats.

Did you know that watermelon also has a lot of antioxidants? Yes, this fruit is really good and healthy for you and for your dog as well. Another great benefit for feeding watermelon to your dog is that it is high in fiber which can help to regulate your dog’s digestive tract. Just a few things to keep in mind when you give watermelon to your dog is to only give the red part of the watermelon. The outer skin rind can be too tough for your dog to digest and that can cause intestinal obstruction. Because watermelon is very watery, giving too much of it to your dog can cause them to have diarrhea.

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